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Some detailed descriptions of the hardware

The LEDs

  • The POWER LED is on when power is there.
  • The CHECK LED is controlled by the Port pin P0.
  • The WAN Ethernet LED is controlled by the RTL8019 output pin e.g. not directly under software control.
  • The 4 LEDS for the ethernet swith is controlled by the BCM5325 ethernet switch.

The IRQs and external I/O:

  • INREQ0(P8) is connected to the reset button on the back.
  • The IOPDATA in uboot is initially 0x23501 In NetGear firmware, the IOP regsiter is like this:
  • IOPMOD 0x0003FAFF -> P8(RESET Button), P10 are input, others are output
  • IOPCON 0x00007000 -> IRQ2(P10) is Enabled, Active High,Filter on, Level sensitive
  • IOPDATA 0x00001101 -> P13 is controlling the WAN ethernet LED or reset pin.
  • P12 is controlling the BCM5325 reset, have to generate a high-low-high sequence.
  • Chip select ECS2 - used for RTL8019
  • REFEXTCON CE 27 83 00 -> External I/O bank 0 starts at 0x3000000 So ECS2 is 0x3008000
  • According to Samsung's datasheet, the External IRQ2 is irq number 2
  • EXTDBWIDTH 0x06502002 -> External I/O-2 is 16Bit port (RTL8019)
  • EXTACON0 0x06480648
  • EXTACON1 0x06480648 


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