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The Source Code

The source code is here

Extract it:

tar xzvf uClinux-rp614-20050222.tar.gz

Files you might want to modify

  • In uClinux-Samsung/vendors/Samsung/4510B/ directory, do a grep of adsluser and adslpasswd and you should get those files:

chap-secrets,?ap-secrets, pppoe.conf,pppoe-options

Change the adsluser and adslpasswd to your ADSL ISP's user name and password.

  • Modify uClinux-Samsung/vendors/Samsung/4510B/rc to make your favourite hostname, ip addresses, firewall rules using iptables.
  • Modify uClinux-Samsung/vendors/Samsung/4510B/udhcp.conf to customize the ip address giving out to your PCs.

How to build

After you extract the tar ball:

cd uClinux-Samsung

make clean

make dep

make lib_only

make user_only

make image


The output is in uClinux-Samsung/images directory:

uimage.bin is the image you program to the flash to let u-boot load into memory.

A uimage.s19 file is also generated for software preferring S-Record format.

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