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TODO list

  • The current source code is really a hack, needs more clean up like adding a proper board type configuration for rp614 other than just use the snds100
  • The PPPOE/NAT performance seems not too optimized. My ADSL speed could reach about 3M on a PC if directly connected to the ADSL modem or going through the router with the original firmware. My current uclinux router firmware can only reach 1.5M maximum. So I have to find out where is the bottleneck. If anybody already know why, please let me know.
  • The BOA web server is compiled right now but not started. I plan to use it to supply some simple configuration interface for things like adsl user and passwd, iptable configuration rules.
  • Need a better way to update the firmware other than going through the jtag every time. Maybe through MTD via BOA web interface but not too sure yet.
  • Start a sshd on the router so that I can connect to it from outside.


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