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Netgear RP614 Router

RP614 is a very cheap 4-Port DSL/Cable router from NetGear.

I bought this router from FutureShop and it was 29$ after rebate.

What is inside the box?

Since it's pretty cheap, I just wonder what is inside this little beast. So I unscrewed the router cover and revealed the secret.


You can see from the picture, RP614 is mainly powered by the Samsung S3C4510B processor.


Memory devices are 1MB Flash(MX,16bit port) and 8MB of SDRAM(EtronTech, 16bit port).

There is a Broadcom 6 Port switch chip (the one with the heatsink) to do the 4 port ethernet switching job and connects to the S3C4510B's ethernet MII interface.

For the WAN interface which is supposed to be connected to the DSL/Cable modem, a ISA ethernet controller RTL8019AS from RealTek has been used on this router.

JTAG and Serial port

Fortunately, the NetGear designers left the Jtag and the serial port on the PCB. They are basically on the side near the Broadcom switch. They came with no connector soldered. So I have to solder the connecters by myself.

The JTAG is a standard 14PIN ARM JTAG debug port. It's compatible with the standard WIGGLER JTAG interface cable which could be easily found in the store or just make your own.

The serial port is a 10-pin connection but really you only need 3 pins out of it. Pin 3,4,10 are TXD, RXD and GND. But for sure you need a level shifter to be connected to your PC's RS-232 port.

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