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Welcome to Zibo Zhao's RP614 Linux Router Pages

linux rocks, M$ sucks.

Development Blogs


Had u-boot initially built and running on the RP614. Only the serial console and the SDRAM works.

12/11/2004ubootFound the problem about the flash driver, finally got the u-boot running wth full feature.
12/13/2004RP614Found some clue about how to reset the Broadcom switch and how to toggle the from panel LEDs.

Finally had the arm-elf-gcc 2.95.3 toolchain built under cygwin environment.

2/10/2005linuxFinally, I got the linux booted up.

RP614 became a router again but with Linux! The router is equipped wth

  • rp-pppoe for ADSL connection
  • udhcpd for giving out IP addresses
  • iptables for routing/NAT set up


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