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Universal Boot Loader Das u-boot

u-boot is really a powerful and easy to use boot loader.

I basically modified the snds100 configurations to make it work on the RP614, although the proper way is to create my own board configuration directory for the RP614. But at this moment, let's just use the snds100 config.

Recent Changes :

2005.02.08 CPU cache has been enabled after u-boot is fully up running.

2005.02.01 Baudrate has been changed from 57600 to 19200 in order to sync up with uclinux's default



Download the source tar ball here : u-boot-rp614.tar.gz

How to Build

make snds100_config


Then burn the u-boot.bin onto your flash.

That's it.

© 2005 Zibo Zhao | Last update: 2/23/2005